Invisabul allotment progress

New rake arrived from Amazon and I went up to the plot before work to move more plant matter from the ground to the compost bin. It is completely imperceptible in my before and after photos! I'm not kidding, those are the progress photos. 😂

Skivemas allotment visit

I thought I was going to be up at the plot every morning this week but it didn't seem to turn out that way. Sunday morning was a 'look, you can't not go all week' kind of emergency. It was really lovely! No idea if my peas or beans have shown any growth, because I... Continue Reading →

First square metre of allotment

I knotted loops in four metres of yarn so I could mark out a square metre with the sticks that I knew were already up at the plot. I picked a patch of couch grass next to the Jerusalem artichokes, against the west boundary and started raking... then forked it over... then more raking, then... Continue Reading →

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