Candle making 101

... well messy candle making. This evening I decided to desecrate a half decent Tefal pan and return to a hobby I've not sampled for many a year.... Note to self .... buy a pan with a pouring edge. It's a good thing I'm not house proud, my poor kitchen surfaces will never be the... Continue Reading →


So,  as 1/4 of #yurtlife I thought I should finally get my act together and pop my head atop the parapet. Since hubby is engrossed with nanowrimo, I have a minute to blog.   Tomorrow morning is car boot mark 2. We have SO MUCH STUFF. In fairness it’s not ALL our crap, mum and dad... Continue Reading →

Woodshop sorting and #potatofail

After a strenuous and exhausting Sunday only made possible by the help of hooksforeverything and technominx, I finally have a sorted and usable woodshop. I'm terrible at keeping things tidy, so hopefully I can keep it a usable space for as long as possible and get woodworking again. I have plans for small wooden chests,... Continue Reading →

Went awesomely! It was effing cold but we remained cheerful and went home with less stuff and more money. We're certainly going to go again, probably with more homemade things. What sold: Lego, a framed poster, dining chairs, medium sized summer trousers, a humorous coffee mug. What didn't sell: novels, small clothing. I missed the... Continue Reading →

Currently Growing

James Grieve apples (dwarf rootstock)Crab apples (dwarf rootstock)Victoria and Oullins plums (one tree, grafted)NasturtiumsMock orangeArgyranthemumMeteor peasWatercressPeppermintPurple sageHouseplants: monstera, chlorophytum, pothos, sansevieria, avocado, the usual.

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