A pedestal for my Pride ‘n’ Joy

Last year I bought myself a beautiful anvil from a nice lady who had it collecting rust in her garden. Finally, getting my act together and going through a few plans I have finished the stand for it. I originally made a much taller stand for a smaller railroad track anvil, but for the last... Continue Reading →

Loom knitting: first two attempts

YouTube video from the channel "LoomAHat' helped me cast on and do two rows. Then this happened. She was so proud! I let her keep it, because my yarn tension was so crap on the first try anyway. Started again a few days later, holding the round much much looser and still loosening it as... Continue Reading →

Crochet: modified Secret Paths shawl

And for once, those aren't speckles because my lens is dirty, those are strands of glitter in the yarn. It's reclaimed from the Dwarf's grandmother's knitting projects. My wrist is ker-nackered. No more crocheting big items until I have a hook with a thicker barrel.

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