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First square metre of allotment

I knotted loops in four metres of yarn so I could mark out a square metre with the sticks that I knew were already up at the plot. I picked a patch of couch grass next to the Jerusalem artichokes, against the west boundary and started raking... then forked it over... then more raking, then... Continue Reading →

Candle making 101

... well messy candle making. This evening I decided to desecrate a half decent Tefal pan and return to a hobby I've not sampled for many a year.... Note to self .... buy a pan with a pouring edge. It's a good thing I'm not house proud, my poor kitchen surfaces will never be the... Continue Reading →


So,  as 1/4 of #yurtlife I thought I should finally get my act together and pop my head atop the parapet. Since hubby is engrossed with nanowrimo, I have a minute to blog.   Tomorrow morning is car boot mark 2. We have SO MUCH STUFF. In fairness it’s not ALL our crap, mum and dad... Continue Reading →

Turbines on the bean canes

Absolute beginner-level front-page-of-google answers to the questions I asked myself, as an absolute beginner, when I first started thinking about using wind to power some aspects of yurt life: Can people just buy turbines ready to power consumer goods? Well, the first page of Google for 'home wind turbine UK' was all advertising and domains... Continue Reading →

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