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Nanowrimo 2020 day 2

Hannah stood beside the door until five to five, uncomfortably aware of the weight pressing down through the soles of her feet. She needed new shoe liners. Her muscles and joints could take the hours of standing up straight, but her heels were becoming, frankly, hooves.  The room emptied, then filled again as a group... Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo 2020 day 1

I don't know what this one is called yet - it's a heist story about elderly witches. (For NaNoWriMo people dare themselves to write 50,000 words of fiction in a month without going back to edit. I've started and not completed it for several years. It's great fun!) The gallery was really far too warm... Continue Reading →

piano, a deer, wood + trees

By the numbers: 16 hours paid work, mainly gardening, some tidying shed, 18 hours screen time on my phone (this will increase next week when my !!new!! !!phone!! arrives), 3 people viewed my house, 0 made offers,I'd really love to know how much time my Spotify account spends playing music in a week - I... Continue Reading →

Being useful

Well today I took a days holiday from work so someone was home with the dogs. According to our neighbours there has been some separation anxiety for our puppers post lock-down so we’re trying not to leave them at the moment. Anyway that’s why I’m randomly home on a Thursday. We have some ‘shabby chic’... Continue Reading →

Needed the wind in our fur

Some days are better mental health days than others. Sometimes you know that staying in the house and making the world small and easy to cope with is going to make your head worse. So we didn’t! Hooks, Drunkendwarf and I jumped in the car with all three doggos and took a drive to the... Continue Reading →

Up- skilling

Drunken Dwarf has been up-skilling these last couple of weeks. He decided that welding needed to be on his list of ‘can do’s’ As he will need a mobile hammer and tong rack in his forge when it’s ready that is his learning project. Using some random angle iron scavenged some time in the past... Continue Reading →

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