Crochet: modified Secret Paths shawl

And for once, those aren't speckles because my lens is dirty, those are strands of glitter in the yarn. It's reclaimed from the Dwarf's grandmother's knitting projects. My wrist is ker-nackered. No more crocheting big items until I have a hook with a thicker barrel.

First square metre of allotment

I knotted loops in four metres of yarn so I could mark out a square metre with the sticks that I knew were already up at the plot. I picked a patch of couch grass next to the Jerusalem artichokes, against the west boundary and started raking... then forked it over... then more raking, then... Continue Reading →

Turbines on the bean canes

Absolute beginner-level front-page-of-google answers to the questions I asked myself, as an absolute beginner, when I first started thinking about using wind to power some aspects of yurt life: Can people just buy turbines ready to power consumer goods? Well, the first page of Google for 'home wind turbine UK' was all advertising and domains... Continue Reading →

Small things hooksforeverything could totally make

Hats - no because it turns out we have a cache of them to sell and only one month left of winter car boot salesPlant pot hangersCoasters (does anyone buy coasters any more?)Blankets, eventuallyCushion coversDishes and bowls (the decor type, not the food safe type)Christmas decorations if I get on it soon

Went awesomely! It was effing cold but we remained cheerful and went home with less stuff and more money. We're certainly going to go again, probably with more homemade things. What sold: Lego, a framed poster, dining chairs, medium sized summer trousers, a humorous coffee mug. What didn't sell: novels, small clothing. I missed the... Continue Reading →

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