launch and sulk

By the numbers:

  • 12 hours worked in other people’s gardens
  • 2 loaves of bread made (needed more oil or less water?)
  • 1 day wasted waiting in for my new phone, which arrived while I was out the next day
  • 1 viewer, 0 offers

This week I spent a pleasing amount of time covered in dogs and retrieving my socks from secret hidey corners.

Technominx (the Healer) dug out a paper pattern for a washbag and helped me pin and cut the pieces to sew a birthday present for a friend – expect video of the sewing going wrong.

In the first couple of days I was pretty energetically outlining The Pool In The Fen at 100w level but the Day Of No Phone gave me the sulks and I added nought words from Thursday onwards. Too easily thrown off track!

Watched / read / listened:

  • The Clocks (Agatha Christie)
  • Eternity Ring, Will o’The Wisp, Red Shadow (all Patricia Wentworth)
  • Catching up on podcasts on my walks to work – 99% Invisible had a lovely episode called The Dolphin That Roared about the tiny revolution of Anguilla, and of course Gardener’s Question Time makes me cackle so often it helps with social distancing.

Dog, where is my sock?

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