piano, a deer, wood + trees

By the numbers:

  • 16 hours paid work, mainly gardening, some tidying shed,
  • 18 hours screen time on my phone (this will increase next week when my !!new!! !!phone!! arrives),
  • 3 people viewed my house, 0 made offers,
  • I’d really love to know how much time my Spotify account spends playing music in a week – I reckon it’s doing a full time job.

Watched / read / listened:

  • The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina – end of season one & start of season two (Netflix)
  • Into The Forest – do you like Evan Rachel Wood, Ellen Page, menace and trees? yeahhhhh ya do. (Amazon Prime)
  • The Spoilt Kill – 1961 murder mystery set in a Staffordshire pottery factory (Kindle Unlimited)
  • Ludovico Einaudi – probably found through my Discover Weekly on Spotify, now 100% of my commute soundtrack
  • Doug Linker – I think I just searched woodcarving beginners and I’m now fully smitten with his life. He built a LONGHOUSE, guys, and they walled it with bark, and then they slept in it with dogs, does it get any better?

I did capture my first ever whittling cut – it’s somewhere around eight minutes in the review video below – the knife is a pruning knife and the branch is one I found on my walk, dropped by someone else’s dog.

I only made two cuts, because Priscilla was loudly annoyed at me for playing with wood and not letting her help. Going to have to do it where she can’t see…

Meta: I’m getting better at choosing what to capture, there were fewer clips in my camera of what on earth did I think that was going to look like and this ten minute video only took two and a half hours in OpenShot, where the previous week took over three.

Least fun: getting the house tidy for viewers – especially as I know it will sell far more readily when it’s empty of us and our animals. New house is going to be ready for us to move our stuff and animals across within September, I think?

Most fun: saw a deer in the garden at work! It was pottering along the boundary hedge, we startled each other and stared for a minute before it vanished into the spiraea & I continued on my quest for the good trowel, which I had put down somewhere.

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