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Well today I took a days holiday from work so someone was home with the dogs.

According to our neighbours there has been some separation anxiety for our puppers post lock-down so we’re trying not to leave them at the moment. Anyway that’s why I’m randomly home on a Thursday.

We have some ‘shabby chic’ style dining chairs that I up cycled from Gumtree a few years ago. One of them keeps being popped out into the back garden for when we have a ciggy.

Stupidly it got left out there in the recent rain and frankly got a bit wrecked. There was a lot of paint cracked and soaked off… some mouldy dots appearing…. you get the idea. Well I brought the chair into the conservatory last night to dry out and attacked it today.

My trusty sander and I took off the top layer of wax/ paint so I had a decent surface to work on.

I then used Wilko chalky paint in ‘soft putty’ all over. Normally I’d do 2 coats of chalk paint (usually use Rustoleum) but this one seemed a bit thicker and as I already had some of the old sanded paint there I thought I’d risk just one coat.

Coverage was enough. Once the paint had dried (Thankyou sunny day) it was time to start distressing the paint work. I was going to say distressing the chair …. but frankly I was in my bra and pants as it was so hot which I think distressed all items involved plenty 🙂

Previously I’ve been quite heavy handed when I distress furniture. I was always worried it wouldn’t be ‘noticeable’ enough. I went a lot lighter this time. Mostly because we’re actually quite heavy on our furniture and have a ‘chewy’ dog…. so life does the rest of the work over time.

Last steps are waxing and then once the wax has had 10 mins to sit, buffing. I paint wax on with a clean paintbrush. I think some people do it with a cloth, but the brush has always worked for me. I made sure I got plenty in the nooks and crannies as it helps keep things clean.

I took some close ups of a couple of places where you can see the old paint colour on the distressing. I am totally going to do that with different colours in the future. A little cheeky hint of gold coming through appeals to me. Hopefully there will be a piece of furniture I can play with once we move.

Oh! We have 2 viewings on Monday 🙂 this weekend will be a crazy cleaning frenzy again.

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