Needed the wind in our fur

Some days are better mental health days than others. Sometimes you know that staying in the house and making the world small and easy to cope with is going to make your head worse. So we didn’t!

Hooks, Drunkendwarf and I jumped in the car with all three doggos and took a drive to the coast.

Jaina was a bit surprised!

It was a longer drive out to Caister than I remember. Gennjebob gets car sick so I had my trusty bucket in hand just in case but as it turned out he was fine!

We had a lovely time. The wind in our fur and hair. Sand everywhere. The sea is apparently scary though. We shall try paddling another day 🙂

Dogs are the best. Our little family is the best 🙂

I was writing this on the way home…. had to take a break for Genn to puke…. it was probably inevitable!

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