Up- skilling

Drunken Dwarf has been up-skilling these last couple of weeks. He decided that welding needed to be on his list of ‘can do’s’

As he will need a mobile hammer and tong rack in his forge when it’s ready that is his learning project.

Using some random angle iron scavenged some time in the past couple of years he’s constructing a frame on wheels which will then have bars attached for the tools.

Armed with the terrifying but trusty angle grinder he has sallied forth to battle….

I’d love to say that Hooks and I were helpful, but we mostly sipped a drink and played with the dogs while observing from a distance!

First welds went pretty well…. then the mig welder died and it was decided a real stick arc welder was the way to go. Picked up this little lady on Gumtree

Which as been great for learning the new technique- but isn’t beefy enough for the type of metal we want to use. If the weather holds out this weekend should include some videos of Drunken Dwarf and his borrowed welder finishing the project.

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