So…. things are moving slowly

Both households homes are on the market and we are planning on moving in together into a place which needs some work. It will be a way of getting all our resources in one place so we can bid on property or land that comes up at auction for operation #smallholding #yurtlife.

In practical terms it will be an opportunity to put our renovation skills such as they are to the test. We have learned a lot. We have a grower, a sewer, an almost handyman. We can crochet and mend and fix and feed …. we’re getting there.

The house we’re buying is darling hubby’s family home. It belonged from construction in 1936 to his great gran who passed earlier in the year. We’ve had a survey- it’s mostly solid! Needs extensive renovation. Mrs Hooksforeverything has been visiting the wild garden and making good progress clearing. We have had a bumper crop of plums and apples which bodes well for crumble and jam opportunities 🙂 we will need to have some critters removed from the loft apparently- and a new roof in the first 6 months or thereabouts.

Thought you might want to see what we’ll be working with…. here comes an album!

So exciting times. Just need houses to sell. If anyone is looking for a reasonably priced cottage in Norwich or a city terrace hit us up.

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