Bread, bread and a little more bread

Well like most of the U.K. Drunken Dwarf and I have been at home. For 2 weeks we were in bona- fide quarantine as he had a temperature and some other symptoms and 111 said we had to stay home for 14 days. As I’m a nursing assistant that was a bit of a bugger for work but no other choice really.

I’d love to say we spent that fortnight in a frenzy of learning and fun activity…. but we really didn’t. I slept 18 hours a day…. however I think we both felt a bit guilty by end of the quarantine period and with my return to work looming we decided it was time to learn to bake bread.

Mr Dwarf was highly enamoured with the idea of an eternal starter that you feed like a pet and use to make bread forever- so he set right to work….

First there was one…. then there were two…. the girls are pretty feisty. He contacted a local bakery called bread-source and they delivered flour to us in lock down.

Feisty malted starter

While we were waiting for the starter to ‘start’ we had a crack at some unleavened fry bread from that well down cooking tome ‘The World of Warcraft Official Cookbook’. Well you use what you have handy right!

Every home should have one!
We served with a cauliflower and Tamarind Dahl

Once the starter was ready Mr Dwarf attacked his first sourdough loaf with malted flour, while I had a pop at making a standard loaf in the slow cooker…. with 2 year out of date yeast….

I knew by the weight of the end product that there was something not quite right…. I appeared to have re-created Dwarven battle bread… my beloved uttered this description which should be replicated word for word:

“It was as dense as an Alaskan flat-earther, but delicious”

So while I was mastering the manufacture of lethal weapons he produced a somewhat dense but tangy and delicious malted sour dough…. there were a few tense moments when what was described as a ‘shaggy dough’ turned out to have the consistency of porridge but it worked out! Apparently he started with a ridiculously high hydration recipe that would make a full on artisan baker gulp so I was impressed!

Well obviously this has triggered a bit of a bready ‘bake off’ in the house as we try and out do one another. I had another go at yeast bread yesterday and made mini malted rolls. They came out super well, however the ones towards the rear of the oven were over cooked so now I know I’ll have to be careful with oven placement and rotate.

Mr Drunken Dwarf not to be outdone whipped up a white sourdough from malted flour starter and created a loaf which improved hugely on his first one. Still missing the larger air bubble but goodness this one tasted amaze balls

Anyway I decided since my rolls worked quite well I was going to have a go at a lower hydration sourdough recipe and make sourdough rolls. I made the dough last night, set it to proof over night and will be shaping and baking today…. results to follow! I have also whipped up some flat breads to go with tonight’s curry- unleavened breads hold no fear for me now! I’ll post later with the updates 🙂

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