Term 1 roundup (q4 2019)

My self-set modules were:

  1. Produce 5kg of food,
  2. Publish fiction,
  3. Study soil,
  4. Study turbines.

I harvested 1.5 kg of Jerusalem artichokes that were in the plot when I took tenancy. 1.5/5, 30%, a fail.

I did not publish. I got to like 3k words of Nanowrimo and then got, I dunno, a cold or a really good nap or some other excuse. I didn’t do any of the second draft of Camp Nanowrimo, either! 0, a fail.

I answered my own questions about soil here and here. That’s 2 weeks out of 12, 17%, a fail.

I answered my own questions about turbines here. That’s 1 week out of 12, 8%, a fail.

Well, self, that’s truly phenomenal. Can’t wait to see how term 2 goes!

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