A pedestal for my Pride ‘n’ Joy

Last year I bought myself a beautiful anvil from a nice lady who had it collecting rust in her garden. Finally, getting my act together and going through a few plans I have finished the stand for it.

I originally made a much taller stand for a smaller railroad track anvil, but for the last few weeks I’ve been planning to use a fir tree round from some felling near our house. After deciding it was not quite big enough and had a slant that made me twitchy, this is my final stand.

Made from 200mm x 100mm softwood sleepers cut down with my mitre saw, the 6 peices are heavily glued together. Using some scrap wood from a pallet from work, I build an adjustable height frame around the block and a simple router sled. It’s not pretty, but the wood was free and it only needed to last for the one job.

Knowing the limitations of my carpentry, I perposefully cut the sleepers slightly too large and used my router and it’s shonky sled to smooth of both ends and get the desired height in 3 passes. 20mm x 2mm mild steel flat bar was then bent and screwed in with heavy hex bolts around the top and bottom as a kind of ‘strapping’ to reinforce the glue holding it all together (the contact surfaces for the glue are not perfect, so there’s a little bit more horizontal strength from the metal straps).

The edges got a softening with the belt sander and I used the same hex bolts to fix an eye plate on each side to attach a nice heavy stainless stell chain and some turnbuckles to tighten it down. Now all it needs is moving to a place to forge in and the anvil sat ontop.

All in all, it’s been a very productive day and my back feels like it’s going to be very angry with me in the morning, but that’s tomorrow’s problem.

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