Skivemas allotment visit

I thought I was going to be up at the plot every morning this week but it didn’t seem to turn out that way. Sunday morning was a ‘look, you can’t not go all week‘ kind of emergency. It was really lovely! No idea if my peas or beans have shown any growth, because I headed straight for the far end and started cutting up bramble.

Hard to convey how much improved this is, but I have a clear and safe path to the shack.
The shack is massively unsound, but I swept it out and reset those bricks that are acting as a step.

Two robins came over when I was moving those bricks around. Do you suppose they were brothers or just wait-and-seeing if my work was worth getting territorial over? They had a good meal out of that patch, certainly, I turned over a lot of damp wood and swept away leaf debris. I also turned the tap of the water butt very slightly on before I left so it will drain to empty before I next visit. I should think that’ll bring up some worms for the robins.

I hadn’t meant to clear more than a path but I cleared bramble from around the cherry tree too. Seems reasonable to want to be able to walk all the way round a tree.

The sun came out as I was packing up to go home, which made all the weeds look golden and pleasant. I’m really glad I went.

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