First square metre of allotment

I knotted loops in four metres of yarn so I could mark out a square metre with the sticks that I knew were already up at the plot. I picked a patch of couch grass next to the Jerusalem artichokes, against the west boundary and started raking… then forked it over… then more raking, then picking out root masses by hand. There are some pretty impressive worms in the soil, black and pink and grey. I didn’t take their photo.

This is the same square after loosening up and partial root clearance, with a row of meteor pea seedlings at the back and a combination of meteor peas and Aquadulce beans in front of them. I didn’t water them in; the ground felt reasonably damp.

I’ve another pot of meteor pea seedlings on my kitchen windowsill that might go in the adjacent square in the next few days.

Next few things on the to do list:

  • Cutting more brambles back, especially in front of the buddleia and where I think there might be rhubarb.
  • Cutting the bramble clippings into short sections so they’ll dry and possibly burn.
  • Borrow strimmer to inconvenience couch grass.
  • Rake out Things That Aren’t Strawberries from the strawberry bed.
  • Sweep out the shack and strengthen it at the corners if necessary.
  • Next square: more peas.
  • Next square after that: radishes. It’s far too late in the year but have you noticed the climate is maybe a little bit changing.

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