Woefully underequipped at the allotment

My site key arrived on Monday so on Tuesday morning I pranced up there a civilised half hour after sunrise with a borrowed hedge trimmer, borrowed secateurs and a borrowed glove. I wanted to hack down enough bramble to reach the shed and see what was in there, and I managed precisely that and no more by the time I heard the cathedral strike nine.

Good news: it’s not ALL bramble, some of it’s buddleia! Bad news: the shed does not actually have four walls, and will therefore now be known as the shack. Good news: nobody has been sleeping in the shack. Bad news: there doesn’t seem to be any treasure in the shack. I was a bit hoping to find groovy old gardening gear, but there’s just one pair of shears that have seen a bit more weather than they’d like. I’ll take a wad of wirewool up with me one day and have a go at brightening them up.

Next priority: clear two square metres at an edge to establish space for two compost heaps.

Next priority after that: choose one of the abandoned bins to be a chopped-up bramble container, so the woody parts that won’t compost can be dried out and burned at some later date.

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