The problem with car boot sales….

…. is I get home and sleep the entire rest of the day! I am categorically NOT a morning person… @Drunken Dwarf is even worse, so hauling butt out of bed at 5am is a special kind of torture. I will say though once we’re at the field (today Arminghall car boot) I have a lovely time.

It was quite quiet there today which meant there was a small crowd of people looking at boxes while we unloaded and asking if we had specific things. It was a bit of an odd experience if I’m honest. I don’t think I’ve ever been in that much demand!

We were quite lucky- there was a chap whose wife had sent him out for bargain craft supplies as their children are home schooled and he took loads of scrapbooking goodies and some games. It was an auspicious start.

Hand tools were popular, we sold curtains and lampshades and quite a few clothes; including a bunch I had made for me that didn’t fit any more. It was quite sweet actually- a lady that had bought a simple silk dress I’d made from a sari at the last car boot came back and bought a pinafore I’d made. She told me how much she liked the dress – I had a big smile. 4 of last nights candles sold along with an appropriate candle holder as did one of the handbags and the fluffy pencil cases. No movement on the makeup type bags though. One was a cracking make and it might have to be a Christmas gift as my stuff doesn’t always turn out as well as that did!

Mistress hooksforeverything was standing on the stall creating merchandise with her trusty crochet hook and some lovely mustard yarn in between sales. We how have a placemat and matching coaster to add to the craft pile. Much multitask.

We returned with a pot of golden nuggets for the #yurtlife fund which was the idea – and a plan for one final visit before the end of the season.

There were many many dogs of brilliance today. @hooksforeverything has mastered the art of asking humans if she can fuss the more important family members, and Mr Dwarf bumbles along behind her lapping up any cuddles she misses. it’s a solid working arrangement.

Highlight of the morning – overhearing a bunch of Russian lads whispering amongst themselves the immortal phrase ‘he’s so cool’ – they were referring of course to Mr Dwarf- he was dressed in what only could be described as ‘Winterfell Chic’ against the cold- but the outfit was pulled together by a massive iron pin / brooch thing. He glowed for a full 20 minutes.

Things I learned today- mulled wine is nice in a flask on a cold Sunday morning in a field.

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