So,  as 1/4 of #yurtlife I thought I should finally get my act together and pop my head atop the parapet. Since hubby is engrossed with nanowrimo, I have a minute to blog.

Tomorrow morning is car boot mark 2. We have SO MUCH STUFF. In fairness it’s not ALL our crap, mum and dad have half filled a truck bed with boxes…. lots of it is craft supplies which I’m going to try not to look at too closely. I think I need to repeat the mantra ‘I’m downsizing’ over and over so I don’t snaffle it all for myself.  Fortunately the clothes are too small for me!
I was really proud of myself today when after all the laundry had been put away- a miracle in itself- that there was lots of room left in the wardrobe. Slowly but surely the de-clutter is working.
I’m trying something a bit different this car boot- in addition to the usual items I’ve been using up my fabric stash and crafting a few bits. A couple of book bags,  a small tote, makeup bags and pencil cases, some scrunchies, plus some handbags. We shall see if they sell. I’m not sure if I’ll take it a bit personally if they don’t… who am I kidding I’ll totally take it personally, but it seemed like a constructive way of clearing things out without wasting them.  I’m encouraged by the fact that some of the clothes I had made that no longer fit sold last time. 
I love making- especially when I can set a whole day or afternoon aside for it and fall down a creative rabbit hole. I’ve always been driven by end results- which sounds very rat race – but for me- although the creative process is enjoyable – there has to be something tangible at the end. When I was singing Acapella or Barbershop it was when the song came together and all those gorgeous harmonies worked. With sewing – it’s a useable end product. 
I’ve got myself in the mood now…. I think I might try and make a couple of candles- I’d run out of wax- but there was some in mums stuff so hooray! 
Hmmm…. looks like I might need a stronger mantra…..

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