Candle making 101

… well messy candle making.

This evening I decided to desecrate a half decent Tefal pan and return to a hobby I’ve not sampled for many a year….

Note to self …. buy a pan with a pouring edge. It’s a good thing I’m not house proud, my poor kitchen surfaces will never be the same.

So, you need either something to use as a mould or some old glass jars. 2 saucepans- one for water and one for wax (you’ll wreck the wax one for food so make it a crap one). Oh! And wicks you need them too, and randomly bluetac. (Stops the wax seeping out of the wick hole and anchors wicks in place.)

Hot water in the big pan, wax in the little one. I got fancy and used a blend of paraffin wax and beeswax.

Once your wax is a bit melty (that’s the technical term) you can add colour- this is just chips of densely coloured wax. Scent is added when it comes off the heat.

My whole house smells of vanilla- I have it on good authority (google) that you only need a few drops but that seemed a bit stingy so I probably used about 15ml between all the candles…. I think they’ll double as air fresheners.

I did yellow first – note the artistically crafted spillage everywhere… USE A MILK PAN

anyhow, I hadn’t melted anywhere enough wax so whipped up another batch- this time red.

I am apparently shit at judging wax amounts, or perhaps it was the vast amounts I splashed on the work surfaces but I needed more so I made the last bit orange. As each colour wasn’t completely set between layers they should bleed into one another with an ombré effect… well in my head they will but I won’t know until tomorrow when they’re set.

I am currently waiting an hour for the wax to sink- it always does this and makes a sort of well around the wick that needs filling in with leftover melted wax. As I have totally run out I have begun scraping the spillages off the work surfaces and newspaper to reheat in the desperate hope there will be sufficient.

There always is

I’m lucky that way

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