Woodshop sorting and #potatofail

After a strenuous and exhausting Sunday only made possible by the help of hooksforeverything and technominx, I finally have a sorted and usable woodshop. I’m terrible at keeping things tidy, so hopefully I can keep it a usable space for as long as possible and get woodworking again. I have plans for small wooden chests, bookends, candleholders and other little wood projects to sell at our carboots. I will of course be posting photos of my dead-tree creations. All to help fund #YurtLife

To celabrate to sorting of the workshop and disposal of all the old, rotten, unsuable woodscraps that were swamping my workspace, we indulged in one of our favourite evening pasttimes, building a fire! We even tried to cook a couple of potatoes in the bonfire to practive for our off-gris dream.

The potatoes were a failure, we had to order pizza instead.


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