NaNoWriMo 19 – Blood Rose

National Novel Writing Month is coming! If you don’t know what that is, it’s a great excuse for anyone who’s thought they might want to have a go at writing a novel (or novella really). The challenge is to just put words on paper, 50,000 of them to be precise, in one month, November.

You can plan and map your stories beforehand, but no book text can be started until Nov 1st, and at the end of the month it’s pens down class!

I did have a go at this back in 2011, but I only found out about it at Nov 3rd, so jumped right in with no idea and no time to plan and form one. Unsurprisingly I floundered and tapped out at the 21,710 word mark. This year I’m going again, but with a plot, some characters and time to plan a proper structure. Inspired by an ever loved genre of mine, Noir, and a new interest in gnarly 80’s horror movies I am plotting out a gruesome 1930’s mystery. A VERY brief summary has been put to paper, but more info to follow. Wish me luck!

Project page on NaNoWriMo

The Blood Rose by Drunken Dwarf

13 years after his return from the trenches of the Somme, Private Detective Phillip Castle struggles to put his past behind him when the case of a lifetime arrives at his apartment door. Triggered by the corpse of his old Seargent, brutally mutilated in a bizarre murder, Castle embarks on a journey of mystery and sado-masochistic horror that threatens his life, sanity and soul.

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